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MAY 2023

Coronation CraftsCoronation CraftsCoronation Crafts

CORONATION CRAFT in the PARK. Churches in Ampthill & Flitwick organised a wonderfully busy afternoon . A constant stream of children, young people and families made beautiful orbs, sceptres, jewelled necklaces, coloured flags and carriages. God provided lovely weather and his peace throughout some significant comversations.


Happy New Year! We will be taking part in The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity from 18th to the 25th January.



A joint service  for One World Week was held by Churches Together in Biggleswade,


MARCH 2022

 Women's) World Day of Prayer  Friday March 4 7PM: This is another regular occasion celebrated throughout the world. This year the order of service came from the Women of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Biggleswade a service was held at Trinity Methodist Church and ended with themed refreshments from around the UK.


Happy New Year!  With restrictions easing we can start to plan a fuller program of services and events thisfor this year.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity  January 18-25: The inspiration this year came from the churches in the Middle East, the part of the body of Christ geographically linked to the story of the coming of the Magi / wise men. There were joint services and prayer meetings.


 Christmas 2021: Chuirches Together in Biggleswade had a stall at the Light Switch on event that attracted a lot of interest, Christmas cards were handed out with service details and craft activities for Children. St Andrew’s ran  a Christmas Tableau and Carol Singing in the Market Square.


 It was great to attend the CTE Conference in Derbyshire and compare notes with the other County representatives.


 JULY 2021

Biggleswade Baptist Church celebrated 250 years in the town with a stall in the Saturday Market.  

Biggleswade Baptist Church  250 Anniversary 


  EASTER 2021

Easter Cross 

Liddlington Easter Garden was in place for a week and averaged about 20 visitors a day for prayer and reflection. There were many more villagers who looked in through the railings. A palm cross and Easter Card from the church was delivered to every household. A large number of the palm crosses were displayed in peoples’ windows as  hoped.

There was a piece of scripture affixed to a log stump and an invitation to contemplate the events around Jesus’ death and resurrection.  There was a “tomb” that was opened on Sunday Morning when footprints and some discarded Roman armour and spears, no doubt left by fleeing soldiers, appeared!   More: Easter 2021

 MARCH 2021

There have been three well attended meetings where church leaders in Luton spoke openly of their experiences of racism, their hopes for the future and their regrets for the past.  Over the last 2 months, ater  discussions involving many people, it has been decided that a smaller group will be formed to provide a lead to the church in Luton on racial justice.

 JANUARY 2021 - Let's make 2021 a good year!

Monday January 18 to Monday January 25 was the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.  Prayer meetings were held online and by telephone conferences.



 Welcome … on behalf of Churches Together in Bedfordshire.

Bedfordshire is geographically small with a large and diverse population. Throughout the county, from the largest of towns to the smallest of villages, the Christian church is active. Because of our shared Christian faith, the churches in many areas of the county are forming deeper relationships and working more closely together to serve our local communities in a wide variety of ways.

Churches Together in Bedfordshire encourages these closer relationships through its vision that Christian mission and Christian unity belong together. We work to support this vision, are very pleased to work with you in encouraging shared mission through Christian unity in your area of Bedfordshire.

I hope that you will find lots of useful information here about how the churches in Bedfordshire are committed to worshipping and working together in Christian faith. You can help to make this website even more helpful and informative by sharing your ‘Good News’ stories and asking us to publicise events and activities for you – so, please get in touch (see the Contact us section).

Whatever it is that brings you to this website, Churches Together in Bedfordshire hopes that you find your visit helpful, and we pray that God will bless you.

George Watt
(Chair, Churches Together in Bedfordshire)


What's New in MAY 2023

Christian Aid Week 14-20 May. Christian Aid week this year will be supporting farmers in Malawi as they continue to struggle with rising costs and recovery from the recent cyclone.


Our next planning meeting for representatives will be on Tuesday June 20.




World DayWe are asked to join in prayer for Ukraine On Sunday April 3.  of Prayer

I know the plans I have for you

4 March 2022 - England, Wales & Northern Ireland





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